Live Mode

Under set-up you can put the tracker in LIVE MODE, which means that you receive a new position every 5 minutes providing the tracker is moving.

Sleep Mode

This is the default mode which provides a trackable location after a tracker has been still for 5 minutes. New locations are only provided if the tracket is moved to a new location.


Is a geographic (geofence) area around the tracker. If moved beyond the area, the user automatically receives an email message about the movements. You will receive a new position every 5 minutes, providing the tracker is still moving. It will show a trac


If you want to report a stolen object, you can do so by activating the alarm button and entering your password. Your secure mark, which is always included, will now be shown stolen in the system.

RRP £199

Tracker Dimensions

The Device

How Much Does It Cost?

Subscription.... RRP on the device £199.00 one off purchase price. The Tracker transmits GPS position via a worldwide mobile network, therefore the use of the GSM network requires a subscription.

Subscription Length Total Cost
1 Month + 1 Month Free £8
6 Months + 1 Month Free £45
12 Months + 1 Month Free £84
24 Months + 1 Month Free £156
36 Months + 1 Month Free £216

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